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Cost is important to you. We at Olympic Metal Buildings get that. But we also know that you’re looking beyond bottom-line price to long-term value—the years of versatile and trouble-free service a steel building will deliver. We see your metal building as a permanent structure and so should you. Our Expertise lies in our ability to create a solution that fits your need NOT just selling you a product. For consumers like you, it means the satisfaction and peace of mind that come from precise planning, accuracy, timely delivery and flawless onsite assembly. We supply steel buildings, but we build trust. We sell only the finest products and materials available. We use high-quality, first-run steel for all our building components, and our material specifications always meet or exceed nominal tolerances. It is important to remember that every steel building is a custom order. No pre-made versions exist. At Olympic Metal buildings as proud as we are of our install team, we know the success is really in the hands of our sales and project management personnel. They help you make the correct decisions all along the way to ensure your project meets and even exceeds your expectations.

Here are just a few of the reasons to build with steel:

  • Steel is one of the only truly recycled building materials
  • Steel Buildings impervious to pest and insects
  • Steel Buildings are designed to be stronger under pressure
  • Steel Buildings are infinitely customizable add bay doors, windows, and a paint color to match your existing buildings
  • Our Cascade line of buildings can accommodate a second floor
  • Steel Buildings can be engineered to your specific wind and snow load requirements.
  • Steel Buildings are premanufactured for assembly on your location. Saves time and money!

Top things we want you to know to ensure your satisfaction during the process of building your perfect metal building.

1-Your site location MUST be level. Within 2″ to 4″. Should we need to hand trim legs to compensate for the unlevel ground you will be charged for that labor. 2-Your site location MUST be easily accessible by our team upon arrival at your site. Our trucks are loaded for delivery onto your building site. Should we need to unload and carry your building onto the site you will be charged labor. 3-Your site MUST have 2ft of additional working space around the perimeter to ensure our ability to install safely and efficiently. This includes but is not limited to low hanging trees, rooflines, fences or other impediments 4-Are we building over an existing structure? Possible build over fees apply. 5-Going with concrete? Allow for 3″ inches of grace when creating your building measurements. This will help you avoid cracking. Otherwise, your build will need L-brackets (If this applies to you be sure to discuss this with your project manager). 6-Are your measurements correct? Although we don’t come to your home we have run thousands of projects like yours.

We encourage you to start by filling out our CONTACT FORM. This will result in your being assigned a project manager from our sales team. Once you start that phase of the process it is to your benefit to outline your needs completely. We want your investment to pay dividends for years to come. Use our knowledge to avoid pitfalls.

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Please take alook around our website for images of our most recent projects that will inspire you to finally get the metal building of your DREAMS! Olympic Metal Buildings showcases projects from metal RV covers (our most popular) to metal garages, man caves and she sheds. Our planning and budget team will provide you with a highly detailed estimate that allows you to move forward to our install team at JM Buildings. JM Construction offers land preparation and driveway creation to ensure safe access to your new metal solution. 

Our team services Washington and Oregon. What can we do for you?