Olympic Metal Buildings

Behold this beauty of a metal building!

Check out this Beautiful 30x40x12 garage just installed for a local business!

Our new-build paired nicely with the clients existing structures. Ensuring a lifetime of added value to your home.

I thought I would use the images of this BEAUTY to call attention to the projects we plan and in this case build. JM Buildings is proud to have been a leader in your local steel metal buildings business for over a decade now. 

Although 2020 brought in the first price correction we have seen in the industry in over a decade, metal buildings remain a strong and lifetime quality investment. Like a home, these buildings are custom, hand made and highly customer-focused. No one size fits all here!

It’s been 12 years since we lowered our prices due to the recession. During that time we have made moderate price increases in some areas, but our overall price is still less then it was in 2007. In an effort to maintain good quality installers, considering the living expenses have continued to rise, we will be raising our prices soon! There is no better time to take advantage of our buildings then right now!

Every project includes personalized project planning & delivery
We are in the business of creating satisfied customers by providing incredible oversight on every project.

What can we build for you?