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Local Metal Garage Install from Olympic Metal Buildings

We are fortunate to be busy this building season which allows us to share our project pics with you. Here is a great Metal Garage install for a repeat customer that wanted a 20x20x10 Metal Garage.

Metal Garage Specifications:

14 gauge Steel framing and 26 gauge steel sheeting.
This building had a 30×80 steel men door and two 8×9 Roll-up doors.

This Metal Garage building was installed on concrete. There are two ways to set up your building on concrete, flush or with a lip. The most economical way is to make your pad 6 inches wider and longer than the building. This way you have a 3-inch lip all the way around. Our installers like this because there is less chance the concrete will crack when we install the anchors. The second way is to make the pad exact and have the sheet metal go past the concrete two inches. This type of install cost extra because we have to use special angle brackets to get the bolts away from the edge and require extra sheet metal. In the case, the customer pours the pad with no lip so we had to use angle brackets.

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