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Heritage line for Mason and Kitsap County Heritage Line: Available in Washington and Oregon! Manufactured to be installed by JM Building and Construction, these buildings are specially designed for northwest weather. JM Buildings and Construction handle sales, production, scheduling, delivery, and installation. No other company can offer this level of service and quality! Heritage buildings are not the cheapest, our prices reflect the quality and customer service provided. We can customize your building to a level other companies can not. We are the only company in Western Washington that can do prevailing wage jobs on these types of metal structures! So if you represent a government facility, call us and we will be happy to take care of your needs.
Building Specs These buildings are built out of 2.5-inch square galvanized 14 gauge steel tubing and 26 gauge powder-coated steel PBR sheeting. 5ft on center leg spacing is standard, corner braces on every leg, standard, 3:12 roof pitch, standard, apex truss braces, standard, rebar ground spikes, standard. Round, A-Frame Horizontal, A-Frame Vertical roofs available. 9 colors to choose from, sidewalls will be installed horizontally, vertical sides cost extra. Vapor barrier and or insulation available for an additional charge. Get Your Free Estimate Here
Cascade Line: Our Cascade line of buildings, takes metal buildings to the next level! These buildings offer a wide range of designs and sizes just not possible with the square tube structures. Cascade buildings, (Cold Form Steel Buildings), are fully designed and pre-engineered steel buildings suited to fill any homeowner or entrepreneur’s needs. Cascade buildings can clear spans of 8’ to 60’, and up to 100’ with interior columns, Eave heights range from 7’ to 24’, roof pitches range from 1:12 to 12:12. Bay spacings range from 8’ to 25’. Both 29 and 26 gauge powder-coated steel sheeting available. We always quote the thicker 26 gauge, if you want 29 gauge, please make sure to inform our sales staff. All cascade buildings come standard with vertical roofs and vertical sides if needed. If you need a second floor, (mezzanine), in your building, our cascade line is the most economical structure available! The options available to the customer with these buildings are extensive. Roof designs include Gable, Lean-To, Gambrel, Monitor Barns, Sheds. Carports, RV Covers, Tiny Homes, Garages, Barns, Vacation Cabins, Sheds, Shops, Warehouses and more! We can build it! These buildings are very affordable, and if you are able, they can be installed by the customer! All Steel Cold Form Buildings are safer and stronger than other products, these buildings will not burn in a fire, and immune to destruction by pests. Building Specs. Cold Form Steel Buildings are made from precision cold-formed steel components produced by computer-controlled machines. We use light and heavy gauge galvanized steel Cee’s, Zees and channel for bracing. These buildings are bolted and screwed together. Many colors to choose from, insulation, entry doors, framed openings for windows and garage doors all can be designed into your building. Price includes stamped engineered drawings, (including concrete specs), construction package drawings, and the packing list with part numbers. Get Your Free Estimate Here
Economy Carport Line: Our Economy line of carports and metal buildings are provided by our PNW manufacturer. Our economy line will be the lowest price point on the market. Please note that at these prices delivery times will go up and down based on demand and how rural you’relocation. When we quote you a price from our Economy line, it will be the same price as the manufacturer quotes! There is no middleman fee, we get paid a small commission from the manufacturer at the time of sale. Because we are always balancing price, delivery times and customer service, we may choose a manufacturer with a slightly high price point and quicker delivery times over the lowest price manufacturer. That said, our prices should be within pennies of our competition. As with all of our products, the most important part is a friendly well-trained sales staff, with years of experience. We spend the time and ask the right questions to make sure you get exactly what you want. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have. Please take your time and fill out our estimate form the best you can as this allows us to design your project based on your ACTUAL WEATHER conditions. Building specs. These buildings are built out of 2.5-inch square galvanized 14 gauge or 12 gauge steel tubing, (note: some 12 gauge steel tubing comes in 2.25 inch depending on the manufacturer), and 29 gauge powder-coated steel agricultural sheeting. 12 to 14 colors to choose from (depending on the manufacturer). Round, A-frame Horizontal and A-frame Vertical roof styles available. Sidewalls are quoted horizontally, vertical sides cost extra. 2:12 to 3:12 roof pitch comes standard (depending on the manufacturer). 5ft and 4ft on center leg spacing come standard depending on the manufacturer. Center truss braces come standard, corner braces and ground anchors will be included in your estimate unless otherwise instructed. Depending on the manufacturer, the vapor barrier is offered to prevent condensation. These are our most affordable Carports, RV covers, Barns and Garages you can buy! Get Your Free Estimate Here
Red Iron (Pre-engineered) Steel buildings. Red Iron buildings are the most versatile and customizable buildings we have.  These buildings can span over 230’ without interior columns!  Red Iron steel structures are capable of 60’ eave heights.  Steel buildings have faster construction times, which saves our customers money.  Lower life cycle costs, Design flexibility, super customizable, mezzanines, cranes, sky panels, windows, and doors all available.  Red Iron buildings are very strong and durable, red Iron buildings can handle extreme snow and wind loads, with a roof pitched starting a 0.5:12! Red Iron buildings have very low maintenance costs, much lower than other types of buildings.  Our buildings use only high-grade metal and premium components. Olympic Metal Buildings Heritage Line install in Silverdale, WADesigned to last more than a lifetime.  Our red Iron buildings are environmentally friendly, 99% of our materials are recyclable!  Why buy a Red Iron building from All Steel NW?  All Steel NW has partnered with Red Doggy Construction and Star Building Systems which are designed to go up easily using state of the art software.  Also, we offer value engineering, we have engineers on call you can use to engineer your foundation using the right amount of concrete.  This alone can save our customers thousands of dollars. Turnkey services, All Steel NW LLC is partnering with general contractors that can provide project management for our customers.   From start to finish we can help you finish your project.  Please note:  Turnkey services are limited to Kitsap and Mason counties using Phoenix Development.  If you live in areas outside these counties, ask us about your options. Get your free estimate

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Please take alook around our website for images of our most recent projects that will inspire you to finally get the metal building of your DREAMS! Olympic Metal Buildings showcases projects from metal RV covers (our most popular) to metal garages, man caves and she sheds. Our planning and budget team will provide you with a highly detailed estimate that allows you to move forward to our install team at JM Buildings. JM Construction offers land preparation and driveway creation to ensure safe access to your new metal solution. 

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