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Side by Side Double RV Carport in Grapeview, WA

Side by Side Double RV Carport in Grapeview, WA

Two very nice double RV Carports recently built in Grapeview, WA for a repeat customer that has purchased 9 buildings from us!


Here are the project details:

RV Carport

24x36x12 Horizontal Roofs with an end wall. These two buildings are in brick red. You can house any size RV up to a 14ft diesel pusher under one of these covers. Please note the land needs to be level within 2 inches, this customer had to pay extra because the land was not level and we cannot warranty it if it is not level. Unlevel land slows us down and makes it hard to put up a quality building that looks good. In the end, the customer brought in a few loads of dirt and leveled it out for us.

Why buy an Olympic Metal Building? Local manufacturing, experienced local installation team, bonded and insured in Washington State! One-year limited warranty on craftsmanship, quick delivery times, 26-gauge sheet metal, and color screws to match your building, friendly sales, and scheduling staff.

Building price averages between $6500 and $7500, plus tax installed.
Note: Price may change depending on options, codes, location, and cost of steel at the time of order. Call one of our friendly sales staff and we will email you a quote within 24 hours.
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