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Year end solutions & sales on Cold Form Buildings

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Steel Buildings are Termite resistant- ECO-friendly 

A steel framed home will always have straight walls and square corners; therefore, homeowners will be relieved to find no aggravating nail pops or drywall cracks.
Steel framing can take popular finishes like brick, stucco, stone or siding.


Where is why we love to sell and service Cold Form Buildings: The best package around for value

  1. Cold Form Steel Buildings including:
    1. Main “portal” frames are cut to length, punched, and part-marked for easy assembly
    2. Girt, purlins, angle member, brace members are all cut and part marked (some bracing members require minor field cutting).
    3. Trim is supplied in stock lengths and is field cut to length.
    4. Door jams and headers are part-marked and pre-cut
    5. Window jams, headers, and sills are part-marked and pre-cut
    6. Diagonal bracing (if required) is part-marked and is field cut to length
    7. All rivets, self-drilling screws, and angle clips required for assembly of the building frame.
    8. Anchor bolts required to attach your building to the foundation.
  2. Metal Roofing, Siding, & Trim includes:
    1. Roofing 29 gauge panels are all custom on cold-form, options are available
    2. Wall color (choice standard colors) 29 gauge 3′ wide panel standard, options are available.
    3. Complete trim package
    4. All self-drilling fasteners, sealants, closures, and bracing to complete the building.
    5.  7 standard colors and over 20 custom colors available for roofing, siding, and trim.

    1. Doors and windows.
    2. Insulation
    3. Everything else not listed.

A new structure is still one of the few incredibly valuable things we build by hand.

This allows for customization options that really need to be fully explored once a full understanding of your individual needs os assessed.

Get your full scope project outlined by providing a few key pieces of information that allow us to custom the conversation to your exact location and weather.